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Because of 4IR, automation is rapidly transforming workplaces. As a result, humans are going to be increasingly undertaking non-routine and conscious tasks that robots can’t do. The BIG Question is: Are you ready to become irreplaceable by machines in the work place?

by Moses Lukhwareni: Founder of Career Times and My Courses

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From Garage Startup to Leisure Travel Mogul: George Argyropoulous

George Argyropoulous has grown his business from garage startup to servicing clients from all over the world. How he did this can be heard during this #StartupOfTheWeek conversation where Gareth and Hlubi prompt the Cruises International CEO to share his story and business insights. Listen to the George Argyropoulous Share his Inspirational Success Story Source:

Watch These Robots Do Tasks You Thought Were Simple (But for Them Are Pretty Hard)

Robots have been masters of manufacturing at speed and precision for decades, but give them a seemingly simple task like stacking shelves, and they quickly get stuck. That’s changing, though, as engineers build systems that can take on the deceptively tricky tasks most humans can do with their eyes closed. Boston Dynamics is famous for dramatic …
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How today’s MBA graduates can help save the world

Recent news reports have suggested that the MBA (masters in business administration) may be “losing its lustre” at American business schools, including some of the most elite on the planet. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has reported declining U.S. applications, while in Canada the opposite is true, with applications increasing almost eight per cent last year. The …
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