Asive Ralarala

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  • Briefly explain who you are. Sell Your SelfI am currently seeking opportunities that will not only allow me to leverage on the exposure and experience gained in my previous position as a business development intern but also enhance my educational knowledge. During my time working as a Business Development Intern at Coega Development Corporation (CDC), I had the opportunity to develop a number of skills, by being involved with tasks such as; developing business documents, reviewing and profiling companies that are potential investors in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) through direct communication, face-to-face meetings, networking events, calling and emails. Additionally, I handled numerous administrative duties involving but not limited to, coordinating meetings, following up after meetings, compiling minutes and preparing presentations. While my regular client meeting and/conference interactions, have afforded me the opportunity to further develop my communication skills, I am also independently motivated, I appreciate collective efforts and collaborate productively within group settings. Exposure to the highly technical energy sector has truly compelled me to broaden my interests and delve deeper into how industries connect. Broadened horizons and travel enthusiasm continue to ignite my eagerness to take on international opportunities. My occupancy as an English language tutor also serves as an additional motivation for keenness to travel abroad and participate in such available opportunities. Therefore, my qualifications which include; a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, Btech Management as well as a National Diploma in Economics alongside the aforementioned experience have prepared me well to spread my wings.
  • Which Industry are you skilled in?Financial Services
  • Your Highest QualificationHonours