Apply Online at Rhodes University

Apply Online at Rhodes University
Rhodes owes its unique character among South African universities to a combination of factors, some historical, some geographical, some cultural and some architectural. An important influence in this respect is the University’s smallness, which, together with its residence system, allows unusually close contact between students and their lecturers, in surroundings that foster fellowship and learning. Small classes mean more personal attention and encourage greater involvement of students in their work. The end result is that successive generations of Rhodes graduates have had an influence on Southern African and world affairs out of all proportion to their small number.
Worldwide reputation
Old Rhodians are to be found in leading positions, in many different fields of endeavour, all around the globe. The University has earned a worldwide reputation for the high quality of its education and all Rhodes degrees are internationally recognised. In fact, Rhodes has produced a disproportionate number of international scholarship winners.
Apply Online at Rhodes University for 2020 Studies
Apply online visit:
1.  Register on the online system at using your email address and creating a password
2.  You will then be sent an email with a link to activate you on the system.
3.  Click the link to activate your registration.
4.  This process will take you back to ROSS where you need to click the Admission/Other button (clicking the right button here is important)
5.  You will then be allowed to enter your login and password created in step one.
6.  Once you have completed your application you need to tick the button accepting the terms and conditions and submit.
7.  When you have submitted you are required to pay the R100 application fee.  Various options are provided by the system.
8.  If you pay your application fee to the bank you need to use your application number as the reference and email the deposit slip to us.
9.  Once you have completed the process above we will process the application and you are provided a student number and login.