Training Facilitator Courses (Certified) in South Africa

Do you want to develop the awareness, knowledge, skills and attitudes of participants needed to deliver professional facilitation?

Becoming an expert trainer involves continuous improvement, self-evaluation and an analysis of the results of every training intervention. It also requires knowledge of the specific roles needed in the SAQA framework -facilitator, assessor and moderator, and tasks and responsibilities of each.

Browse Training Facilitator Courses (Certified) in South Africa

Below is a list of highly recommended Facilitator Courses you can enroll for in South Africa. The courses are offered through distance learning, on premises, and online:

Facilitating Learning and Development course at Unisa (every where)

Facilitation Skills Course at Imsibi Training (Johannesburg)

Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator Course at Leading Edge (Sandton)

What does it mean to be a Services SETA accredited training provider?

A Services SETA accredited training provider is a training provider that offers courses and/or qualifications within the services industry and that are in line with the relevant standards of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). This means that the provider has successfully gone through the stringent accreditation process set out by the Services SETA. Due to the SETA “stamp of approval”, Services SETA accredited providers are relied on to provide high quality, industry-relevant training and education within the services sector. Training received through a Services SETA accredited provider is also formally recognized throughout South Africa…read more