Accredited Management and Leadership Courses in South Africa

Enroll for Accredited Management and Leadership Courses in South Africa

Browse a list of accredited Management and Leadership Courses in South Africa which you can enroll for in 2019 and 2020.

Proper Leadership Training creates leadership capacity, develops emotional intelligence and team dynamics skills, as well as business management skills. As a new or established manager or a leader, you need to always invest in upgrading your leadership skills to stay relevant in the dynamic business environments we live in.

List of Accredited Management and Leadership Courses in South Africa

Accredited Management and Leadership Courses in South Africa

1.Transformational Leadership course at The Leadership Dynamics®

The Leadership Dynamics® Transformational Leadership course is based on practical experience of creating visionary learning organisations and facilitating major transformational processes in organisations such as Transnet, The Health Professions Council of South Africa, SterKinekor, The Radiant Group, GA Agencies and many other organisations. Find out more

2. Building Positive Business Relationships at Kwalenga Training

This learning programme is intended for all persons who need to develop strong, positive relationships in the workplace. It will give delegates the knowledge and skills to effectively manage their own emotions more effectively and understand colleagues’ emotional reactions. In gaining these skills, the individual is equipped to handle diverse business relationships, so improving trust and respect. Find out more

3. Management and Leadership Training at CBM Training

Leadership and management is all about managing, leading, inspiring, motivating and disciplining a team. If done poorly, the spiralling effects can result in a decline in team performance, stress for the manager, and possibly the loss of star performers. Find out more

Becoming a Better Manager

Becoming a better manager

Management Short Courses in South Africa

The 5 Day Management Programme

This comprehensive cutting edge management programme will cover the key management, financial and business success areas that managers in South Africa need to know. The programme will deliver several proven management skills and techniques to help you become the complete all-round manager. Find out more