Top 5 4IR Education Technology Tools  to re-invent learning

We have entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), which has changed the way we live, work, and relate to one another (World Economic Forum, 2016). Inevitably, institutions of higher education must embrace technology in all areas of their daily operations, such as administration, managerial life, research, and teaching and learning in order to become globally more competitive (Marcum, Mulhern & Samayoa, 2014:58).

Because of global advances in teaching and learning technologies, higher education institutions are challenged to become more open, collaborative, and engaging. Consequently, universities are forced to exhibit their value to a much more discerning type of learner (University World News, 2016). This can be a major strategic challenge to universities in terms of what, how, when, who, and where meaningful changes need to be made to remain globally competitive.

5 Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Education Technologies that Universities cannot Ignore

Virtual Reality Learning

3D Printing