How to become a Water Driller in South Africa?

water drilling careers in south africa

How to become a Water Driller in South Africa?

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How to become a Water Driller in South Africa? Water well drillers sink wells into the earth to tap natural water supplies. They drill agricultural wells for irrigation, commercial or industrial wells, and wells for homes that are not served by municipal water systems. They keep records of wells drilled and, in many states, report their work to government officials.

Usually drillers hire a crew consisting of well driller helpers, pump service rig operators, and pump service rig helpers. They set up a truck-mounted derrick or rig with the drill and other required equipment. Once the drilling rig is set up and working, the drillers continue to monitor the operation.

As the well shaft goes into the ground, the drillers line the shaft with steel or plastic pipe to prevent the ground from caving in and to keep out water that may be polluted. The drillers fill the shaft with fluid to keep the bit cool. They may adjust the pressure or impact of the drilling rig and change the bit as it penetrates different layers of the earth. The well drillers or their helpers may splice worn or broken cable and use welding and cutting equipment to do repairs. Sometimes they use special fishing or retrieval tools to recover broken or lost drill bits and pieces of pipe.

When they drill the well, they install a pump designed for the depth, diameter, and capacity of the well. They sterilize the entire system to prevent the growth of bacteria. Finally, they start the pump to bring water up through the system.

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Water well drillers do not always work on new wells. They may set up a rig to repair or restore wells that have stopped producing. They may also plug or cap deteriorated wells to prevent contamination of the groundwater.

Requirements to become a Water Driller in South Africa

A high school diploma or its equivalent is required. High school courses such as geology, chemistry, and physics will explain rock formations, minerals, and the properties of water. Shop classes will provide a background in running and maintaining machines and small tools. Algebra, trigonometry, and English are also important.

After high school, an apprenticeship with a certified water well driller is recommended. Apprenticeships include classroom study and on-the-job training and last from two to four years, depending on the state. After completing an apprenticeship, a trainee becomes eligible to take a state certification test.

Several two-year colleges offer well drilling technology programs with courses in geology, mathematics, and inorganic chemistry. Techniques for finding good-quality water, methods of drilling, and equipment operation are explained. Other classes cover equipment maintenance and repair, setting specifications, inspection and quality control, and record keeping and accounting. (Source: State University)

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