How to apply for Clicks Vacancies [Online Jobs]   

 How to apply for Clicks Vacancies [Online Jobs]: Clicks was conceived as a drugstore in 1968 but legislation at the time prevented corporate ownership of pharmacies in South Africa. This meant that Clicks operated as a drugstore without drugs until legislation was changed in 2003 to allow corporate pharmacy ownership, and the first Clicks pharmacy opened in 2004. United Pharmaceutical Distributors (UPD) was acquired by the group in January 2003 to provide the distribution capability for the group’s healthcare strategy.

Over the past decade the group has grown into a leader in the healthcare market where Clicks has an 23.8% share of the retail pharmacy market and UPD a 29.4% share of the private pharmaceutical wholesale market.

Reasons you would enjoy working at Clicks

  • Excellent Benefits, Clicks has endorsed a Total Rewards Strategy to ensure that its employees are appropriately and fairly rewarded whist providing flexibility to meet differing employee needs.
  • Specialised Careers Clicks offers exciting opportunities in fields of specialties like Merchandising, Pharmaceuticals and logistics and Supply Chain and more.
  • Growth Opportunities, A JSE listed company that has been at the fore front of Retail and Pharmacy innovation for over 50 years. Our way forward is clear – with defined short and long term Group objectives and our proven ability to achieve our objectives, employees are guaranteed opportunities to grow professionally!

Where to find and apply for vacancies at Clicks?

You can find all job opportunities from Clicks website, here:

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