About Sediba-Thuto Secondary School

Sediba-Thuto  is located within Fezile Dabi District in Ngwathe Local Municipality, Phiritona South Africa. This is a Public Secondary School in Phiritona Gauteng.

How to register and apply at Sediba-Thuto Secondary School

In order to apply at Sediba-Thuto Secondary School , you need to contact the school contact person/ Principal or visit the school. Check contact information below:

Contact Information

For admission, study, uniform, school’s extramural activities, as well as performance, you will need to contact:

  • Phone number: +27058 -8521924
  • Email Address: Not confirmed
  • Physical Address: 2285 Kuape Street, Phiritona, Phiritona, Heilbron, 9650
  • Postal Address: PO BOX 1011, Phiritona, 9650

What is the School Uniform for Sediba-Thuto Secondary School and where to buy it?

If you would like to know the approved school uniform for Sediba-Thuto and where to buy it, please contact the school using the contacts listed above.

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Which Quintile Level is Sediba-Thuto?

Sediba-Thuto is a quintile level:Q1

Is there a School Fee Payable to Study at Sediba-Thuto?

When it comes to School Fees, please note that this is a No Fee school. However, please confirm with the school Contact Person or Principle to get the updated information.

What is the Correct Exam Center for Sediba-Thuto?

If you have been struggling to search for the Examination Center Number for Sediba-Thuto, it is: