Top Short Courses for Small Business Owners| iQ Academy

Top Short Courses for Small Business Owners| iQ Academy

Top Short Courses for Small Business Owners| iQ Academy 640 361 @Career Times Manager

In the small business space of black owned businesses in South Africa, talent abounds in truck loads, however what is often missing are the essential elements of turning that talent or skill into a successful business.

Most of us have experienced the scenario where we call our favourite hairdresser to make an appointment to get our braids done. We agree on a date and time; come the day and you arrive at the place and dololo! Your hairdresser is nowhere to be found! Or even worse, someone else is on the chair being braided, and they are not even half way yet! You feel disrespected so you just leave, and in fact, decide to rather find someone else next time.

This is where iQ Academy can help close that gap to get your skill to turn a profit by teaching you valuable skills and knowledge to succeed in business. Investing in some relevant business courses will help you transition from simply being talented to owning a sustainable business. iQ Academy makes the business expertise you need available through business short courses that are relevant to your context and gives you access to affordable payment terms.

Top Short Courses for Small Business Owners| iQ Academy

Customer Relations

A friend from Joburg recently informed me that she now goes to an upmarket hair salon in Sandton to get her relaxer retouch treatment. She pays R600 for a treatment that on average costs R120. Why? Because she is tired of bad service and now has the money to pay for better.

  • Your customers are constantly evolving, and their needs are changing. It is not just solely about the product, but the experience one creates around their product.
  • A Customer Relations Management Short Course helps you to think in ways that will enhance the customer’s experience and give them added value so that they keep coming back and bring in new business. Learn how to develop your relationship with your customers, design a customer database, and create a customer-centric business.
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Human Capital

No business can be successful in the long term without a strong team. As your business grows, you rely more and more on others to help produce a quality product and give good customer service. It is therefore very important to make sure that your quality product is aligned with employees that are equally high performing. This speaks to Employee Wellness and good Human Resource Management practices.

Systems in Place

Besides managing human capital, there is still a lot more to building a successful business. Putting systems in place keeps you in the game for the long run and positions you for the big leagues. This includes the systems you need for managing your finances, your marketing strategy, your supply chain process to mention a few.

Invest in your business today by getting the knowledge you need to build a sustainable business. Interested?  Click here to learn more.