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Courses Offered at Boston College for 2021

At Boston there are just so many study options available, covering tertiary studies in Media and Multimedia StudiesInformation TechnologyMarketing & SalesTourism, AccountingHospitality and Human Resource Management Courses, to name but a few.

Apply Online Now at Boston College for your 2021 Studies
Apply Online Now at Boston College for your 2021 Studies

Boston Media House Courses

Boston Media House was created to offer students the very best opportunity to study and qualify for a career in the media industry. A world-class learning environment and high levels of technology, together with practical experience, ensure graduates are ready for their careers in this exciting and challenging industry.
Study and Qualify in:

  • Advertising
  • Radio
  • Video & Television
  • Marketing
  • Graphics & Creative Advertising
  • Animation & Audio Visual Multimedia
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism

Short Courses Offered at Boston College

Africa’s largest independent dance record label, Soul Candi, have teamed up with Boston to bring you a revolutionary new approach to digital music composition and production. The course is in-sync with techniques used in the best international training facilities.
Career opportunities include DJ / Producer, Film Score Composition, Sound and Music Design for Games, TV, Film and other multimedia Applications and Recording Engineer.
Soul Candi Institut of Music and Boston Media House have teamed up to bring you DJ 101. Fast track your DJ Skills in 8 weeks; from turntables to laptops and beyond. The array of technology at the disposal of the modern DJ is almost endless. Learn to master the latest range in music technology and create beats and mixes that will break records on the dance floor.
Gets your music career moving to the right beat!

This short course is designed to provide a working knowledge of the business side of the music industry. Students will become familiar with the various entities and parts of the music and entertainment industries – including with major and independent record companies, artists, producers, publishing companies, managers, agents, promoters and attorneys, as well as the contracts that bind them together. The core concepts of copyright and trademark law as they apply to music will also be covered.
In the current digital age, blogging has become more than a skill, it’s become a career… and a very sexy one at that! Whatever your interest or expertise, the blogosphere is the place to tell the world what you know and what you think. Top bloggers command positions of prestige in society; be able to influence what the rest of us think; what we do and what we buy. If you fancy yourself a digital trailblazer then this short course will assist you in acquiring the basic journalistic, photography and technical skills in the digital space to build and maintain a blog.
If presenting or producing radio is your dream, this short course will introduce you to the basic concepts and practices of radio. By the end of the course, you will be scripting and presenting your very own radio shows. This short course offers students the opportunity to experience hands-on practical training. The simulated on-air studios and production studios with digital based applications are powered by DaletÔ and ProToolsÔ software.
If you are inspired by the television/video industry and would like to make it as a videographer, video editor, producer or director then this short cut course is ideal for you. The course covers an introduction to all the elements required to start a career in the video or film industry. After completing this course you will have a firm understanding of the video and film industries.

Boston College Online Application Information

So, you’ve made the decision to grab hold of your dreams by choosing to study at a tertiary education institute. Now for deciding where to study. At Boston City Campus and Business College, we know that this decision can be quite daunting because there is so much on offer and so much riding on your decision. We believe these facts will speak for themselves and will help you make the better choice
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