What are essential services in South Africa

What are essential services in South Africa: The Parliamentary Service and the South African Police Services are designated as essential services in terms of the Labour Relations Act, 1995. Thus, essential services are those that, if interrupted would endanger the life, personal safety or health of the whole or any part of the population.

What are essential services in South Africa
What are essential services in South Africa

List of essential services in South Africa

Essential infrastructure services

  1. Electricity – stable power supply with no loadshedding
  2. Water supply, sewerage and sanitation
  3. ICT – datacentres, fibre optic infrastructure, towers and antennae

Critical business continuity services

  1. Food & essential products – related manufacturing and processing, and distribution
  2. Manufacturing of health related products, supplies, devices, equipment, and medicines, including complementary health products; food and essential products, as well as essential inputs thereto.
  3. Agricultural and food supply related operations, including farming, veterinary and phyto-sanitary provider services, pest control services, and chemical and fertiliser providers.
  4. Fishing operations
  5. Forestry and sawmills will remain in production for disposable health and hygiene products, including toilet paper; as well as for the production of packaging for essential health and food supply chains.
  6. Food, beverages and essential products manufacturing and processing facilities
  7. Warehousing, transport and logistics for food & essential products, and health related goods
  8. The ports, road and rail networks will remain open in order to facilitate the import and export of essential products.
  9. Food outlets – retail, wholesale, spaza shops and malls for food and essential products (toilet paper, cleaners, sanitisers and disinfectants, personal hygiene products, bedding and clothing, and essential supplies for those taking care of the sick and in order for people to remain healthy.
  10. Enabling services
  11. All healthcare related services be they public or private.
  12. Call centres providing life and health; energy, food and water supply, social, transactional, communications, law and order and international critical business continuity services.
  13. Professional and artisan services, to the extent that they are providing support in the Covid19 response, essential and critical business continuity services.
  14. Cleaning, laundry and hospitality services supporting the Covid-19 response and essential and critical business continuity services.
  15. Hotels, airlines, stadiums, car rental services, to the extent that they are supporting or repurposed for essential or critical business continuity services.
  16. Financial and insurance services and health funders required to finance and support essential and critical business continuity services in the Covid-19 response, and provide short term bridging finance to people and businesses during this period.
  17. Anti-poaching and wildlife conservation services.
  18. Communication and media services on screen, TV, radio, print, broadcast and online.
  19. Safety and security services protecting people and property.

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