Enroll at Heidelberg Hoërskool: Admission Fees and Contact Information

Enroll at Heidelberg Hoërskool: Admission Fees and Contact Information

Enroll at Heidelberg Hoërskool: Admission Fees and Contact Information 150 150 @Career Times Manager

Hello Parents and Learners in Western Cape, South Africa. Find out all information for Heidelberg Hoërskool, such as how to enroll, how much is the school fee, principal, contact information, and reviews for  2022 – 2023.

Note to Parents: You as a parent know your child better than anyone else. What would encourage them to learn, progress and develop socially? Some kids love libraries and indoors activities, while others want lots of outside space and sports activities. Find out whether schools offer any particular activities or if there is a strong emphasis on reading or writing, art or sport.

About Heidelberg Hoërskool

Heidelberg Hoërskool is located in Heidelberg South Africa. This is a Public Combined School within Eden district under Hessequa Local Municipality.

Did you know:  The Western Cape Education Department is the department of the Government of the Western Cape responsible for primary and secondary education within the Western Cape province of South Africa. The political leader of the department is the Provincial Minister of Education; as of 2009 this is Donald Grant.

How to apply at Heidelberg Hoërskool for 2022?

For you to apply at Heidelberg Hoërskool, you need to contact the school or visit the school. Check contact information below:

NB: To find the best school in South Africa, you should first know that some children work better in a structured learning environment, while others thrive in classrooms that allow students to guide the process. So, you should look at a school’s curriculum and disciplinary policies to determine whether the environment will be a good fit for your child.

Which Quintile Level is Heidelberg Hoërskool?

Heidelberg Hoërskool quintile level is: Q5

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Heidelberg Hoërskool School Fees

Heidelberg Hoërskool is classified under Fee Paying school category because it is a Public school. To find out more regarding the fees for the school, please contact the school below.

Heidelberg Hoërskool School Uniform

To find out about schools uniform for Heidelberg Hoërskool, please contact the school Principal below

Contact Information

For admission, study, uniform, school’s extra mural activities, as well as performance, you will need to contact Mr/Miss :

  • Phone number: +270287221384
  • Email Address: Not confirmed
  • Physical Address: Murraystraat 1, Heidelberg, HEIDELBERG, 6665
  • Postal Address: Posbus 82, Heidelberg, Heidelberg, 6665

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