Where to find Jobs for recent College Graduates in South Africa

Where to find Jobs for recent College and University Graduates in South Africa? As a college graduate or soon-to-be college graduate in South Africa, there’s a bright new world ahead of you. There’s also a job search that can be somewhat daunting at times, Fast Web. Don’t get discouraged – you have the world at your fingertips! Follow the below suggestions to help your job search stay on the right track:

Update your CV

As a general rule, you should never stop editing your resume for the rest of your career. But, while you’re looking for a job, you should continue to target your resume as you would a cover letter. Include any experience and skills that relate to the job position you are seeking.

Do your research

Once the graduate has a job goal, they need to research what the hiring companies are looking for. Find 10 job descriptions and highlight all of the key words and phrases that are most commonly repeated. Then, that graduate can highlight those skills in their resume, cover letter and during their interview.”

Volunteer at companiesSpending time on volunteer activities is not just a great way to contribute to the community. Job hunters who volunteer for causes they believe in also gain new skills and meet people — including potential employers — who could eventually help them find a job.

Expand your searchSometimes job seekers may need to expand their requirements to find the right fit. In some cases, it may mean looking for positions in another city or state. Other times it may mean considering jobs outside their college major. Although making some of these decisions may not be ideal, they can be a jumping off point for entering the career world.

5 Top Places for recent university and college graduates to find the job in South Africa

At Career Times, you will find plenty of jobs, internships and learnerships which are specifically targeted to recent students in South African. However, there are many channels and portals to find more job opportunities targeted to students in South Africa, such as:


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