How to become a Chartered Marketer in South Africa

How to become a Chartered Marketer in South Africa

How to become a Chartered Marketer in South Africa 960 501 @Career Times Manager

Becoming a qualified and professional Chartered Marketer CMSA promotes an individual’s career prospects adding status and prestige to the profession of marketing. Many companies now require their senior marketing management to hold a designation.
The Chartered Marketer CMSA designation is designed to admit marketers employed as senior executives, academics with sufficient industry experience or marketing consultants and strategists who operate their own business enterprises.
Regular networking events are held for Chartered Marketers in order to share knowledge and insight.
As a Chartered Marketer you are required to maintain your membership of MASA.
Members of MASA are regularly granted discounts and /or complimentary tickets to Marketing Industry Workshop events.
All members of MASA are added to our database and will receive regular communication about the various legislative and/or regulatory boards on which we are represented. E.G.: ASASA, ACA etc.
We also have affiliations with other professional bodies in the Industry such as AMF, CGCSA, DMASA, OPA, PMSA, PRISA.
Members of MASA also receive the Media Magazine as well as the Business Acumen brochure from GIBS, and are connected to Market iQ database of daily news.
The individual marketing professional has a profile that is verifiable through their membership of the professional body that is responsible for the designation.
The marketing professional is held accountable to the professional body for their ethical and responsible conduct.
The compliant Chartered Marketer SA is listed on the national CMSA Register which can be found on The Marketing Association SA website.

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