Trusted Medical Companies in South Africa

Trusted Medical Companies in South Africa

Trusted Medical Companies in South Africa

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Trusted Medical Companies in South Africa:

Mutsh Medical International is a South African based entity with a focus on Healthcare Consulting and Medical Equipment Procurement.We boast a qualified and diversified management team with experience in conducting business across the globe. Our team includes medically trained doctors and nurses as well as global medical equipment sourcing experts. Mutsh Inc

Southern African Health Technology Assessment

  • To promote the science and practice of HTA in the Southern African region in close collaboration with national, and provincial governments.
  • To develop the scope of practice for HTA professionals.
  • To build a thriving, independent association serving as the primary scientific and professional focus for all those who undertake and use HTA.
  • To support collaborative efforts among academic institutions for the development, delivery, improvement and quality assurance of HTA education and training programmes including experiential learning.
  • To conduct regular meetings to promote continuous professional development in HTA for all health professionals.
  • To collaborate with local, regional and international bodies connected to the HTA industry to increase the application of HTA in health policy decision making and impact in health care delivery around the world.
  • To support the development and use of HTA through exchange of information, scientific methods, expertise and ideas through meetings, publications, newsletters and other information services, educational and other activities.
  • To promote all efforts related to the realization of the foregoing objectives


Practitioners of Community Obstetrics and Gynaecology would accept responsibility for ensuring optimal clinical care at District and Primary health care setting, contributing to improved clinical service delivery for improvement of women’s health and the capacity development of health care providers at the primary health care level (where the most serious capacity challenges exist). In addition, with an understanding of how health systems work, the practitioner would be ideally placed to contribute to the decentralised development and maintenance of health services at secondary and primary level, and help integrate vertical programmes into a coordinated service.

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Southern African Clinical Epidemiology Association is a relatively new organization. It was launched at Stellenbosch University on 3rd April 2013. launched at Stellenbosch University on 3rd April 2013. The inaugural meeting, organised by Stellenbosch University, WITS and University of Pretoria, was hosted by the Centre for Evidence-based Health Care, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University.

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South African Public Health Medicine Association is a national organisation of Public Health Medicine specialists in Southern Africa. It is an affiliate of the South African Medical Association, an association incorporated under Section 21 of the Companies Act, 1973, registered No 05/00136/08.

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