Clientele Life Latest Vacancies and How to Apply

Clientèle, the holding Company of the Group, is incorporated in South Africa and is listed under the Insurance sector index on the JSE. Its Long-term insurance subsidiary, Clientèle Life, markets, distributes and underwrites insurance and investment products and invests funds derived therefrom and accounts for the majority of the Group’s earnings and assets.

Build a Career at Clientele Life in 2021

There are many jobs opportunities at Clientele Life. Have you completed your Matric?
Do you have a minimum of 1 year telesales experience?
Do you have a South African ID?

If so, then apply NOW for a Telesales position at Clientele. Send us your CV to

Clientèle is a leader in selling valuable insurance products – directly to all South Africans. Our sales consultants are our ‘front line’, that is why we employ only the best. We offer proven and best selling products to a growing market. The most energetic, ambitious and hard working are welcome here and paid well in return. We offer a good basic salary, incentives and commission..

What Jobs Opportunities are offered at Clientele Life

At Clientele Life, you can find the following career opportunities:

  • Jobs for Matriculants
  • Internships
  • Inservice Training
  • Learnerships
  • Professional Jobs

How to apply for a Job Opportunity at Clientele Life

You can contact Clientele Life regarding available career and job opportunities:

Tel: +27 11 320 3333
Fax: +27 11 884 9056

How to find a job fast

There are steps you can follow to find a job fast. Follow these steps to find any job fast.

  1. Update your CV/ Resumewith your latest skills.
  2. Use your circle of network to find a job quicker.
  3. Use multiple ways to search for jobs: Social Media, Jobs Sites, and Volunteering.
  4. Use the advanced search options on job boards.
  5. Don’t stop looking for a job untill you find it.
  6. Customize your cover letter and CV for each application.
  7. Be selective about the experience you include on your resume.
  8. Include other activities on your resume to fill gaps.
  9. Dress for the position you want.
  10. Try to be yourself in the interview.
  11. Use storytelling during interviews.
  12. Don’t speak negatively about your previous employer.
  13. Be confident.
  14. Engage.
  15. Say thank you after an interview.
  16. Don’t accept a job offer unless it is a good fit.
  17. Expand your network.
  18. Use references.
  19. Apply more than once for the same job.
  20. Consider temporary jobs.

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