5 Best Nursing Schools, Universities and Colleges in South Africa to Study at in 2021

5 Best Nursing Schools, Universities and Colleges in South Africa to Study at in 2021

5 Best Nursing Schools, Universities and Colleges in South Africa to Study at in 2021 960 538 @Career Times Manager

5 Best Nursing Schools, Universities and Colleges in South Africa to Study at in 2021. Find out which Nursing Colleges and Schools in South Africa are the best to study at. It is always advisable to enroll at a registered and reputable college or school.

List of 5 Best Nursing Schools, Universities and Colleges in South Africa to Study at in 2021

Thuto Bophelo Nursing Academy

Thuto Bophelo Nursing Academy is a private nursing academy established in 1982, offering opportunities to prospective nursing learners in accordance with the regulations of the South African Nursing Council.
The Academy is registered with the South African Nursing Council (S1074) and accredited with the Department of Higher Education and Training (FET reg no:2010/FE07/104 until 31 December 2016) to provide nursing education and training.
Thuto Bophelo is a multicultural Nursing Academy, which strives to provide and promote education to the disadvantaged communities. Thuto Bophelo Nursing Academy plays a vital role in uplifting and development of skills in the local communities and rural areas.
Thuto Bophelo Nursing Academy undertakes learning programmes in order to meet the dynamic changes in needs of the broader community of Southern Africa. Visit the School’s website

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Wits University -School of Therapeutic Sciences

Nurses work collaboratively with physicians, therapists, patients and families and focus on treating illness to improve quality of life. The degree prepares professionals for general nursing and midwifery practice.

The School of Therapeutic Sciences comprises the disciplines Exercise Science, Sports Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Physiotherapy.

The School provides high quality professional education for pharmacists, nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists who continue to make significant contributions to the national health sector by rendering professional services. With a focus on health and wellness, and exercise rehabilitation the School also prepares individuals for careers in biokinetics, exercise science and sports medicine. Visit the School’s website

University of Pretoria’s Department of Nursing Science

The Department of Nursing Science at the University of Pretoria, as a pioneer in the nursing profession, offered the first degree programme in Nursing in South Africa and was founded in 1956.
Since its inception, the Department has played a leading role in nursing education in South Africa. The qualification in Nursing Science strives for excellence in its teaching and research programmes, and its focus is on the promotion of the intellectual, cultural and personal development of all its students.
Prospective students are encouraged to view the available academic programmes or contact us for more information. Visit the School’s website

Unisa Department of Health Studies

In 1975, the Department of Nursing Science, now the Department of Health Studies, was established under the leadership of Professor Charlotte Searle. The aim was to meet the need of thousands of nurses for post-registration distance education at University level. The Department intended to provide access to education, to many nurses who could not meet the costs of traditional university education, or cope with the difficulties of attending a residential university. During the past 30 years, distance education for nurses and other health professionals developed into strengthening the health professions. Today it is a WHO Collaborating Centre. It provides a powerful means of education and development of the health professions in general, and nursing in particular. The University of South Africa is a sub-chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International.
Healthcare problems within Africa demand concerted efforts in re-evaluation of systems and methods for effective education of health professionals. Acceptance of changing philosophies and methods of providing health care is essential. So is the concentration on appropriate research. The Department of Health Studies is prepared for the challenge of equiping its students with research skills and expertise to assist in reaching global health needs. Visit the Website

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